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The women skirt could be one of many styles. The pencil slim women skirt is very fashionable office wear teamed with a smart blouse and jacket. The slimness of the women skirt also sets out the beautiful long silhouette of her body. Another style is to have a bigger diameter at the bottom of the skirt by adding pleats and panels. The bubble skirt is where the fully gathered skirt is fixed on to a shorter base creating the effect of a bubble. The hobble skirt, the cargo skirt, the denim skirt, skirts slit to the knee or thigh, pleated skirt is some of the styles of women skirt.

In summer the women skirt is a riot of color. The lime green , shocking pink, canary yellow, brilliant blue used by itself or in a combination of print  bring a beautiful vision to the eye. Women skirt can be mini when it is above the knee, midi at calf length or maxi when it falls to the floor.

Women skirt traditionally thought of as the clothing of women but the skirt has been a part of male attire too. The Scottish Kilt which is a skirt is the national dress of Scotland. The foustanella is a traditional Greek dress for men and the Bhutanese men wear the gho.

In the 19th century women skirt were long and narrow. They became fuller and wider as the century progressed. As the years rolled by, the hemline of women skirt went up higher and higher until it reached the level of the mini that was introduced by Mary Quant.

The women skirt is known by different names in different countries. It is known as the lehenga in North India and Pakistan. In South India it is called a pavadai, Sampot  in Thailand and  lungi in south east Asia to name a few.

The women skirt is valuable in any woman's wardrobe. It has the ability to mix and match with differently colored and styled blouses.  At times the women skirt could be two garments in one. With an elasticized waist the skirt can always be pulled up over the upper part of the body as a dress.

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Women skirt

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This article was published on 2011/06/22