What to wear? Pink Skirt, Plaid Skirt or Silk Skirt

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Skirts have been a favorite amongst many little girls and women alike as they tend to give a feminine feel to the wearer. Skirts have many forms and are worn in many styles for example a sarong which is commonly worn in South Asia is a mutation of a skirt.

The way skirts are worn has gradually changed over the years and across countries. In the 19th Century, skirts were usually worn right below the bust where the waist line increases as the skirt gets longer. Mini Skirts were first introduced in Chinese tribes where the female members of the tribe wore silk skirts, a fact that is shocking to most of us.

Over the years, the hemlines of skirts have fluctuated in length and continue to fluctuate according to fashion. Women often avoid wearing Plaid Skirts as they are usually worn as school uniforms, but silk skirts are very popular as they give out a very elegant look.

There are a number of ways of wearing a skirt, a pencil skirt which is a tight fitting straight skirt are usually worn in formal settings, popular colors include black and beige although pink skirts are also very common as they provide a very chic look when paired up with a matching jacket.

Silk Skirts are usually worn in informal settings as they tend to wrinkle up faster than other skirts but their unique style and the effect they have on the wearer make them irresistible to wear. A special color for a silk skirt is a pink skirt which looks great with almost anything.

A variety of cultures have adopted the usage of skirts, for example the Indian Sari usually consists of a silk skirt over which a huge piece of cloth is wrapped around in a fashionable manner and the overall look is very elegant.

Men in South Asia tend to wear plaid skirt usually at home as it is their night time wear and is very comfortable. Men's skirts are called longis and they almost always come in plaid patterns with masculine colors so as not to undermine the male ego, although most wearers do not consider longs as skirts.


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What to wear? Pink Skirt, Plaid Skirt or Silk Skirt

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This article was published on 2011/05/16